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  1. Start by writing a catchy hook or chorus that will grab the listener’s attention. This is the part of the song that will be repeated, so make it memorable and catchy.
  2. Next, write the verse lyrics. These should complement the hook and expand on the theme or story you’re trying to tell in the song.
  3. Use strong, descriptive language to paint a vivid picture for the listener. Choose words that convey emotion and add depth to the lyrics.
  4. Experiment with different rhyme schemes and structures to add variety to your lyrics.
  5. Pay attention to the beat and structure of the song. Make sure the lyrics flow well with the music and fit the rhythm of the beat.
  6. Collaborate with the rapper you’re working with to get their input and feedback on the lyrics.
  7. Practice and revise your lyrics until you’re satisfied with the final product.

Remember, the most important thing is to be authentic and true to yourself as an artist. If you’re passionate about your music and lyrics, it will show in the final product.

Music Producer Dan Thomas Announces New Studio Location https://heartlandcreativestudios.com/music-producer-dan-thomas-announces-new-studio-location/ https://heartlandcreativestudios.com/music-producer-dan-thomas-announces-new-studio-location/#respond Wed, 23 Nov 2022 18:33:46 +0000 https://heartlandcreativestudios.com/?p=347 Nov 23, 2022

Heartland Creative Studios has been a popular music studio brand since 2020 after taking the Miami Valley by storm during the pandemic. Founded by producer Dan Thomas, Heartland has a client-base of over 150 clients throughout the region. Musicians from as far as Boston, Los Angeles, and Atlanta have come to Dayton to work with Dan and the Heartland studio brand.

Today, Thomas is officially announcing a new and improved location for the studio brand’s operations.. “This will give our clients an even better industry-level experience they need to succeed while keeping our prices competitive and affordable,” says Thomas.

Heartland will now be located in Safe House Studios at 919 N Keowee St in Dayton Ohio. Safe House offers multiple rooms for production and recording, innovative professional equipment, and impeccable sound quality.

J.D. Carson (Safe House Studios Owner) and his team, who have worked with many platinum producers and artists, are excited to have Dan and the Heartland Creative Studio brand working out of Safehouse studios. Carson said, “We appreciate Dan’s love for music and dedication to client success, and look forward to seeing his brand and clients grow with us.”

If you’re looking for a music studio to produce your next song or audio project and want to check Dan out at Safehouse, you can call 513-549-3260 or visit http://HeartlandCreativeStudios.com.

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Artist Handbook – March 2022 https://heartlandcreativestudios.com/artist-handbook-march-2022/ Fri, 25 Feb 2022 13:27:30 +0000 https://heartlandcreativestudios.com/?p=150 Updated: March 2022 by Daniel Thomas ]]> 150 Upscale Feeve’s Debut Single Reaches Over 25,000 Plays Across Streaming Platforms https://heartlandcreativestudios.com/upscale-feeves-debut-single-reaches-over-25000-plays-across-streaming-platforms/ Mon, 31 Jan 2022 18:20:39 +0000 https://heartlandcreativestudios.com/?p=123 ABOUT UPSCALE FEEVE

Upscale Feeve is a recording artist out of Dayton, Ohio. Feeve has worked with my team at Heartland Creative Studios for nearly two years and is one of the most talented, dedicated, and hardworking clients on our roster of over 150 artists. 

Earlier this month, Upscale Feeve released his debut single titled, Demons, across all streaming platforms. Demons was written by Feeve as a reflective narrative on the hardships of growing up in an urban environment. The song was recorded, mixed, and mastered at our music studio and engineered by yours truly. Thus far, the single has garnered over 25,000 plays across all streaming platforms. 

Above: Official Music Video for Demons by Upscale Feeve.


In addition to being an audio engineer and music producer, I am also a professional digital marketing consultant. For the past decade, I have worked with several companies, organizations, and creative professionals, like STARZ, The Gem City Market, and recording artists around the country on digital marketing efforts aimed at helping them increase engagement with their clients, customers, constituents, and fans. 

Because of my experience, I was asked to join Feeve’s core management team as the marketing manager. The process of creating and implementing a marketing plan for Feeve’s first release wasn’t easy. However, given the success we’ve had thus far, we are very satisfied with the preliminary results. 


The process of marketing a song or album usually starts well in advance of the song’s release. In fact, Upscale Feeve and I entered into our marketing agreement about two months before the track dropped. We originally recorded Demons in early 2021 when our new studio location had just opened. The process of completing the master on the track was initiated back in October of 2021 when we made the decision to release it as his first single. In November of 2021, Feeve and I sat down to discuss the marketing plan for the song. 

The plan I created for him was centered around three words: Not. One. Bot. The goal was to have a music marketing strategy that focused heavily on building organic engagement around his music and content. Alongside our Spotify playlist submission campaign, we’ve employed a digital ads strategy across several social networks that have captivated people who are interested in his sound. Because we have not used any bot farms or sites that provide synthetic plays or views, we have been able to grow his fanbase in a genuine, sustainable fashion. 

Note on bot farms and fake views: If you google “Spotify promotion” or “how to get more YouTube views”, you will see tons of sites that offer views or plays on your song or music video for cheap. MOST OF THOSE SITES ARE SCAMS and are unleashing “music bots” on your song in an effort to make you think they were able to get a lot of people to consume your content. Using these kinds of sites will give you an inaccurate assessment of the success of your marketing campaign and could also get your music banned from online platforms like Spotify, Tidal, and YouTube.

Click here to learn more about how music distribution platforms are fighting against fake views and plays from scam sites.


Our plan moving forward is two-fold. Our primary focus is preparing more music for release to keep the momentum going. Feeve has dozens of unreleased songs that can be mastered and sent out to streaming platforms. We are currently working through the process of identifying the right course of action for future music drops. Additionally, we are still working to identify additional market targets that may be interested in the first song so that we get the most out of the current marketing plan for Demons.
I am excited for Upscale Feeve’s growth as a recording artist and looking forward to continuing our work with him and the other amazing artists who trust Heartland Creative Studios with their music. Look out for more updates on this to come as we move forward.

To learn more about Feeve and join his fan club, visit UpscaleFeeve.com.

Get a customized marketing plan form Dan Thomas and the Heartland Marketing Team. Built within your budget.

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Legal Hustles https://heartlandcreativestudios.com/legal-hustles/ Thu, 27 Jan 2022 15:59:38 +0000 https://heartlandcreativestudios.com/?p=101 Top ways recording artists and creative professionals can (legally) make extra cash in 2022.

As an artist, it’s often difficult to make ends meet while building your career. And while having a career in music can be very lucrative and rewarding, the road to success is often not cheap. I know many creative professionals out there looking for ways to make money to pay for products and services related to the craft (music videos, branding, marketing, travel, bills, etc), so I wanted to compile a list of the top avenues for making extra cash in 2022.

  • Design custom items for print-on-demand business
    • Websites like Printful.com allow users to upload their designs onto t-shits, hats, and other customizable merch that can be sold in your own online store or website.
    • Other print-on-demand sites
  • Start a dropshipping business on the web/social media
    • Dropshipping allows you to sell products without having to keep inventory or worry about shipping. There are many avenues for starting a dropshipping operation, including amazon, ebay, and shopify. Click here for more information on how to create and start a dropshipping business.
  • Participate in paid online surveys
    • Paid online surveys allow you to get paid for literally offering your opinion on certain topics, shows, movies, and products. Survey companies like Branded Surveys offer free signup opportunites to make money by taking surveys right from your phone.
  • Become a rideshare driver (Lyft, Uber, etc)
    • Joining a ridesharing company could be a easy way to make extra money on your own time just for giving people rides.
  • Start a podcast
    • Starting a podcast is as easy as having a phone and something to say. Websites like Anchor.fm allow people to start and launch a podcast for free.
    • Other podcast creator platforms:
  • Become a dogwalker
    • If you like pets and have experience with dogs, becomign a dog walker can be a simple way to make extra money hanging with furry friends. Companies like Rover.com allow people to create a profile and be contacted by dog owners in the area looking for an extra hand with their pup.
  • A penny saved is a penny earned. Use budgeting apps like Truebill to make sure you aren’t overpaying on monthly subscriptions.