Music Marketing Self-Service Platform

Our new Music Marketing Self-Service Platform allows recording artists to instantly order promotions on their music. We use digital advertising, YouTube OTT, and playlist submission strategies to bring your music to real fans

  • Order Youtube views & Spotify plays in just minutes
  • Fast promo delivery
  • Organic fanbase marketing. No bots or fake views. 
  • We target fans that will like your music, not just random people.
  • All views and plays are eligible for monetization
  • All packages include subscribers, followers, likes, and saves.

This platform is a collaboration with Heartland Next >> Our Marketing and Public Affairs Agency. 

Special Announcement

Music Producer Dan Thomas Announces New Location For Heartland Creative Studios

Today, Thomas is officially announcing a new and improved location for the studio brand’s operations.. “This will give our clients an even better industry-level experience they need to succeed while keeping our prices competitive and affordable,” says Thomas.

Heartland will now be located in Safe House Studios at 919 N Keowee St in Dayton Ohio. Safe House offers multiple rooms for production and recording, innovative professional equipment, and impeccable sound quality… Read More

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Let’s Make a Hit.

Lead by Senior Producer Dan Thomas, Heartland Creative Studios is a professional music and audio production company located in Safe House Studios near downtown Dayton, Ohio. We specialize in recording, mixing, mastering, and marketing management.

Our goal is to help talented musicians, vocalists, and recording artist create industry-quality music and audio projects that connect with their fanbase and respective communities. 

Upscale Feeve’s Debut Single Reaches Over 25,000 Plays Across Streaming Platforms

ABOUT UPSCALE FEEVE Upscale Feeve is a recording artist out of Dayton, Ohio. Feeve has worked with my team at Heartland Creative Studios for nearly two years and is one of the most talented, dedicated, and hardworking clients on our roster of over 150...

As an artist, it’s often difficult to make ends meet while building your career. And while having a career in music can be very lucrative and rewarding, the road to success is often not cheap. I know many creative professionals out there looking for ways to make money to pay for products and services related to the craft (music videos, branding, marketing, travel, bills, etc), so I wanted to compile a list of the top avenues for making extra cash in 2022.

VIDEO: Founder & Senior Producer Dan Thomas Talks Heartland Creative Studios with the KlubHouse Podcast.